Small Gardens Wimbledon Family Garden Designed & constructed by The Garden Builders
A fun yet highly functional garden for relaxation and entertainment for a young family. The funky colour scheme featured the striking colours of the nearby Lawn tennis Club, a s per the client’s request.

The garden features an L-shaped raised bed with limestone seating, integrated with distinctive BBQ/gel fire/log fire combo. A limestone terrace, with a lovely seating area, is in keeping with the design of the property. We were careful to have the finish of the garden very highly specified and detailed in accordance with the client’s gorgeous contemporary property.

The client also requested low-maintenance features to suit her lifestyle. An artificial lawn supplied by Namgrass was laid. Evergreen planting was combined with beautiful pink and red flowers for seasonal interest. Overhead lighting bathes the whole garden with illumination creating a lively evening environment for the family.
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