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Decking Maintenance

Decking Maintenance
The amount of maintenance required depends on the type of decking installed and its general situation. For example walkways or main terrace areas will have more pedestrian access and will therefore be subject to wear and tear. Also, exposure to extreme weather including strong sunlight, will have an impact on the amount of general maintenance required.

Soft Wood Timber
Soft wood timbers such as European redwood will be pressure treated with a wood preservative giving a standard guarantee of between 10-25 years, depending on the manufacturer. Brush applied wood preservatives or dip treatments are not suitable for long term protection. Choosing a good quality timber may mean more initial expense but in the long run should supply many years of excellent use.

Hard Wood Timber
Hard wood timber is not pressure treated as hard woods are dense and durable and contain natural inherent oils. Hard wood decking therefore requires a different general maintenance treatment to soft wood decking. The decking framework will still be treated timber due to its contact with the ground. Hard wood decking should be kept clean using a proprietary cleaner such as Net-Tral before being hosed or washed.

Colour of Decking
All decking will change its colour over time. Any natural material has inherent qualities which adjust and develop according to its environment and use. Natural coloured timber will always weather down to reveal a silvery hue. If you want to apply a stain to the decking then various colours are available from most good DIY stores.

To maintain the natural colour of hard wood decking we would recommend applying a deck oil, such as Australian Deck Oil. (This should be applied according to manufacturerís guidelines). We donít recommend varnishing decks and this can lead to the surface appearing flaky and looking unsightly.

Donít hesitate to ask the Garden Builders about any aspects of decking and decking maintenance.
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