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  • Technical Information: Garden Builders - London Installer for Biotecture

    Send To A Friend The Garden Builders install the award winning Biowall living green wall system. As part of an overall refurbishment solution this can also be an opportunity to add external insulation within the cladding cavity zone to vastly up-rate the energy efficiency of existing buildings. Fully saturated the Biowall system total weight is approximately 50 - 60 kgs per m2. This is comparable with many external cladding solution materials.

    The potential and scope for Biowalls that are not a part of the external structure of a building is endless. They can work equally well both inside and outside. From individual living art installations in building atriums to bespoke landscape designs Biowall panels are pre-grown to specific requirements. Two sided free-standing structures with internal support are possible as are temporary screens for corporate events or on development sites.

    The main components of the Biowall are as follows:
    • cladding rails: any standard cladding system, or to our preference, timber rails.
    • waterproof backing board: marine ply or from 2010, "eco-sheet”, an award-winning sustainable backing material.
    • Drainage layer: a void forming layer which accepts the drain down from each panel.
    • Irrigation line: a horizontal baton which secures the pressure compensated drippers.
    • Bio-Panel: plastic modular box/fascia containing the hydroponic growing medium
    • Vegetation: plants of suitable species planted through fascia apertures
    • Drain channel: for collection and disposal of surplus irrigation water (supplied by others).
    • Surround fascia:, to finish off the wall and integrate into the building fabric, this element is supplied by others and typically specified by the architect involved.
    • Plant room: for pumping and nutrient dosing equipment etc.

    Living green walls provide multiple benefits when dealing with the vertical space in urban environments. Not only do they look good but there are also sound ecological reasons to install living green walls:

    • reduction of thermal loading to buildings - lower heating and cooling costs = lower carbon emissions
    • reduction of heat island effect - less reflected heat
    • re-hydration of the small water cycle - plants evapotranspire moisture into the wider environment
    • air purification - plants are efficient filters of pollution - especially when used indoors
    • noise attenuation - quieter buildings and streets
    • increased urban biomass - more green increases all of the above
    • ecological habitat increased even with non-native plant species
    • positive urban psychology - uplifting effect on those who see it
    • positive upgrade (retrofits) to existing urban fabric
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