"Green Screens & Cladding"
  • Green Screens & Cladding:

    Send To A Friend Green screens are perfect alternative to standard fencing with great advantage of being more COST EFFECTIVE and ECO FRIENDLY solution. The green screens can benefit your project in several of ways and can be used in wide range of situations. Most specific characteristic of the green screens is presented below.

    Where can be used:

    • Commercial and private projects
    • Fencing & boundary screen
    • Roof terraces and Cladding
    • Playgrounds & play areas
    • Highways & roads
    • To section off an area (section walls)


    • Instant effect
    • Straight forward installation
    • Low maintenance
    • Cost effective solution
    • Security
    • Wind break
    • Long lasting

    Green Screen Planting Options:

    • Hedera (Ivy), 1st image
    • Carpinus betulus (Hornbeam), 2dn image
    • Fagus sylvatica (Beech), 3rd image

    Standard Ivy Screen Specification:

    • 5mm weldmesh galvanised steel security fence
    • 13 no. plants per screen
    • Can be extended to a height of 2.8m
    • Living screen that improves with time

    (images show plants when established)

  • Green Screens & Cladding
    Green Screens 1
  • Green Screens & Cladding
    Green Screens 2
  • Green Screens & Cladding
    Green Screens 3
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