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Installation & Maintenance

The installation of a Living Green Wall should be relatively straight forward as the bulk of our planning and site preparatory work leading up to the actual installation is a meticulously detailed & comprehensive process.

The living green walls that we install utilise the hydropnic system which means that all plants are pre-grown vertically in a unique, patented, modular hydroponic system, designed to deliver precise, low water usage and over time lower maintenance. The modular, hydroponic system provides a stable growing environment for the plants which are grown without using soil. Generally, plants have an inert rooting medium for anchorage, and are supplied water and dissolved nutrients directly through this medium. The nutrients are fed to the plants on a regular daily irrigation schedule. Living green walls require a good amount of natural light to flourish. We will of course look at every project individually whether interior or exterior, large or small and this will determine the planting types and combinations utilised. Some shady or interior located green walls may also benefit from additional lighting which we can discuss with you.

The hydroponic system uses between one and two litres of water per m2 per day. Of this amount only 10 - 15% runs off to the drain. The pump will operate typically for two or three minutes, three times per day and so the total water and electrical usage is low.

Full, remote monitoring of your living green wall is part of the overall service. This monitoring consists of a remote server which logs all water timings and gives us the ability to view - and alter - the wall status from our office or a laptop. We also get text alerts if something goes wrong! This has saved walls from failure on a number of occasions when, for example, the electric supply has tripped out! All living green wall projects will require a tap in the immediate location in order to run the pump and irrigation system.

When it comes to installation you can leave this to us. Our experienced teams will coordinate the install to best suit your location and timings.

A vital aspect of all living green walls is the maintenance devised for all schemes. The hydroponic system is so effective that maintenance levels required on each scheme are relatively few. We have found that two or three site visits per year are required in order to maintain plants and pumps etc. If any alerts arise, we of course attend to these too. A maintenance contract will be issued with every living green wall we install.
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