Roof Gardens

Roof terraces are increasingly common as urban dwellers seek to make the most of outside space. Creativity is not limited with good design and landscaping as shown in our wide ranging portfolio. Key elements of most roof terraces are seating areas, privacy, and planting to achieve a green space higher up in the sky line. These spaces can be hostile environments for certain species of plant and therefore we tend to use hardy plants that are used to coastal or drought tolerant conditions. The addition of irrigation and screening helps offset the environmental challenges. The main structural considerations for roof terraces include weight bearing of a structurally sound roof and planning permission. stylish furniture, water features, and lighting can transform a hard landscaped space into a tranquil oasis, or vibrant entertaining space.

The crowning glory to one’s home, roof gardens offer a special thrill and experience while maximising premium space and adding property value. They require roof terrance design ingenuity, structural integrity, privacy considerations and plants suited to hostile environments. Our wide-ranging portfolio features stunning examples of vibrant aerial spaces for entertaining and relaxation. A comprehensive terrace design and build process ensures that clients are fully apprised of the work and challenges involved, especially costs, of creating a green space up in the skyline. Browse our examples of roof terrace designs and see which style you are inspired by.