"Climbing Roses"
  • Climbing Roses:

    Send To A Friend The differences between the two types of rose, shrub and climber, are that the climbing roses in general have been crossed with their ancestors the hybrids having larger flowers usually held singly or in small groups. Their stems are often stiff and they have the ability to flower repeatedly. Rambler roses usually have numerous small to medium sized flowers held in large bunches and they have the ability to send up strong stems from the base of the plant. They flower with great freedom giving a mass of blooms only once a year. Their growth is robust ideal for covering large areas. Climbing roses and rambling roses have been used for centuries and in the modern garden they allow us to cover walls, arches, colonnades, gates and trellis and they forma key planting group which is worthy of more attention.

    Climbing Rose:-
    Alfred Corrieve:- large, sweetly scented cupped blooms. White tinted with fresh pink colouring. This is a good old rose that grows strong and blooms freely and continually. A healthy and reliable specimen.

    New Dawn:-
    Medium sized blush-pink flowers deepening in colour towards the centre. Flowers are produced in clusters. The forerunner of the modern perpetual-flowering climbers and are still one of the best and most vigorous of the class.
  • Climbing Roses
    New Dawn
  • Climbing Roses
    Meg Climbing Rose
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