"Shrub Roses"
  • Shrub Roses:

    Send To A Friend Many of the shrub roses were raised from the wild roses and crossed with modern species. The aim was to provide hardy, tolerant species with the freedom of flowering, offering larger, showy flowers or the hybrid tea roses, damasks and gallicas etc. These are excellent garden roses that are tough, reliable and healthy. Some are exceptionally so and they mingle well with other plants, both perennials and flowering shrubs. Heights are around 1.2m high (4ft)

    Strawberry Hill:-
    Bears medium sized pure pink coloured cupped rosettes, of a superb quality. The colour gradually pales to a lighter coloured pink at the edges. Beautiful at all stages. It has a particularly fine myrrh fragrance with a hint of lemon.

    Crocus Rose:-
    This is a very robust and free flowering rose, bearing large rosette shaped flowers that are cupped at first. The petals later relaxing and spreading out. The soft apricot colour pales to a cream on the outer petals, and gradually the whole flower pales to a cream colour with age. The rose has a delightful ‘tea-rose’ fragrance.

  • Shrub Roses
    Crocus Rose B (Ausquest) Bush
  • Shrub Roses
    Crocus Rose (Ausquest)
  • Shrub Roses
    Strawberry Hill (Ausrimini)
  • Shrub Roses
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