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Plant maintenance is often neglected once a garden is built but without ongoing maintenance planted areas can become overgrown with weeds and pest and disease can become established and damage newly planted borders.

Ideally plants need to be pruned and shaped at the appropriate times. See below for a list of tasks that if completed, should enable you plants to survive and to flourish.

  1. Prune trees and shrubs at the appropriate time, usually after flowering or in the dormant winter season
  2. The use of fertilisers in the growing season to make up for any nutrient deficiencies and to encourage growth
  3. Allow for adequate watering during the growing season but take care not to over water
  4. Spray plants when necessary for pests and diseases
  5. Staking trailing plants:- allow to loosen any above ground tree ties to ensure the plant is not restricted. With climbing plants train them to a wiring system as and when necessary
  6. Mulch borders. Mulch suppresses weed growth and retains moisture

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