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With increasingly hot and dry weather irrigation is essential in improving and maintaining healthy plant growth in the garden. Roof terraces can also be hostile environments for plants and they find it difficult to survive without adequate water. The extra cost of irrigation should be included when budgeting for garden works.

What type of irrigation system you install will of course depend on the size and style of your garden and the plants you have. Also take into consideration the direction your garden faces, north, south, etc, and the geographical location of your garden.

Generally the south eastern areas of the UK are considered the driest and one would assume that more irrigation systems are in use in the South East than other areas in the UK.

The two methods that we employ are; a basic system with a timer which runs off a normal outdoor tap, generally 3 bar pressure or above. Secondly, a pressurised system which has a holding tank which needs pump pressure to work. These are usually installed in larger gardens or where rain tanks are installed.
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