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Staking & Tying Trees

The most common method of tree staking is using a wood stake. This is rammed into the ground next to the tree and supported against the post with a rubber strap to stop the tree from rubbing against the stake and damaging the bark. The tree is secured with a rubber or plastic strap. You will commonly see tall stakes, almost as high as the tree.

However, this method of staking has now changed as it does not allow the tree crown to sway in the wind, which prevents root stimulation, as in normal conditions the tree would have some natural movement.

When we stake trees we make sure that the stake is positioned very low in the ground. In some cases if a tree is small or has a large root system we wouldn’t use a stake. Very large specimen trees, used to achieve a mature and completed look to a garden, are secured using an underground guying method. See the diagram below. The Platipus Tree Anchor System – is now our favoured system.

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