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Climbing plants can be either annual or perennial. Some species are self-climbing whilst others require supports. Climbing plants provide versatile and attractive screening, for any garden and offer a wide range of flowers, lovely foliage shapes, autumn colours and/or evergreen effects. Climbers can be planted and seen to their best effects near walls, colonnades, trellis, pergolas, walkways and arches and can provide lovely dappled shading effects over sunny terraces and balconies when required.

Climbers are an indispensable and versatile plant for most garden areas. Without climbers we would not be able to soften the often hard lines of architecture and offer a versatile camouflage screening to fences and walkways. There is such a wide and varied selection of climbing plants available that we will focus here on perennials only. These are the most commonly used as they donít require re-planting each year and also they carry on growing year after year, providing an annual stunning visual impact in any garden with minimal care and attention.

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